HOPE III Saturday, June 7th 2014 ( Crohn’s Disease Awareness )

hope keeper

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Nicholas Dentato, is a maven of house music. Calm and intensely concentrated, you feel music on Nick’s fingers as you shake his hand. His strategic brand of mixing entices and enthralls ears along an unexpected, twisted path of music. Smoothly moving in and out of various house music styles, tactically layered with custom fx, melodies and percussion. The unpredictable direction Nick follows through a set spawns strong curiosity. Listening to hear what is next and being well satisfied though every musical choice he makes. Nick’s knowledge of music, as a listener, performer and producer creates a confident depth of style. A well of genius at which he consistently pulls material from that always sets the stage for a supercharged all-niter.



Nicholas Dentato is now available for bookings in North America. Click Here for more information.